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The Benefits

The Benefits of CSC Films Our knowledge of the Heritage market affords us the luxury of offering an onsite survey with our clients to offer not only advice but also to listen to their concerns....

Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials We have many installations within the UK and can supply references (where permitted) not only for our work quality but also for the respect and confidentiality shown to our clients. From the outset....

Scottish Holland & CSC

Scottish Holland & CSC The Scottish Holland Blind Company and Chamberlain Solar Control (CSC) have worked within the Heritage sector to monitor, recommend and provide solutions to counter the effects of the damaging UV and...


Welcome to CSC Window Films the UK’s only Solar Control Films & Heritage Blinds installer.

With over 50 years of experience, CSC is the UK’s only Heritage Blinds installer. Fitting blinds made in Scotland by Scottish Holland, the original heritage fabric.

Solar Control Solutions Chamberlain Solar Controls (CSC) the oldest and original UV Protection specialists have been installing Solar Control in the form of Window Films, Scottish Holland Blinds, Antisol & Uvista Panels successfully for the last 50 years.

CSC Window Films & Blinds Ltd is unique in the Heritage Industry being the first company to adopt the National Trust Code of Practice for Collections Conservation in Situ. This document was instigated to ensure companies comply with the standards specified by The National Trust. By adopting this code CSC has recently been awarded an exclusive contract to update all of the properties within The National Trust for Scotland.

National Trust approved installer and official suppliers to the Royal Household.

For over 50 years CSC have recognised the damage caused by natures elements and found the solution using Polyester Films which filter out at least 99% of the harmful UV, reject infrared heat, reduce the visible light transmission and still leave a pleasantly lit living or display environment.

CSC film is used extensively in Heritage properties, Museums and Art Galleries.

CSC has concentrated on looking at new products and discovered spectrally selective films which can reduce Infrared rays as well as Ultraviolet which combined cause chemical deterioration.

csc window films

CSC Window Films & Blinds Ltd are approved by The National Trust & The National Trust For Scotland to provide protection for its many national treasures.

CSC film is used extensively in Stately Homes, Museums and Art Galleries.

As a Heritage, Gallery, Museums and Country Home specialist CSC work very closely with Architects, Curators and Estate Managers to ensure the standards demanded are met or even exceeded. Initially, the work was to protect Tapestries, Curtains, Wallpaper, Paintings, Photographs, Antiques and Priceless heirlooms from UV damage in Stately Homes, Castles, and Museums.

CSC also work in many properties within The National Trust English Heritage and have also recently won preferred contractor to the National Trust of Scotland‘s ‘Lighting the Levels’ project. CSC provide Solar Control Solutions as requested by our clients to enable them to open out previously shuttered rooms.

CSC UV Protection Heritage Specialists installing UV Control in the form of Window Films, Scottish Holland Blinds, Antisol & Uvista Panels for 50 years.

csc window films

Surprisingly UV enters through windows at all times of the year, even windows not in direct sunlight. The damage caused by UV is permanent. The fading and destruction of fabrics, furnishings and paintings is well documented.

With the advancement in Filming, Technology CSC are now offering a wider range of protection than ever before, including the UVX range of products which reduce the actual Infrared Rays (heat) which can also have such a damaging effect on wood panels and flooring.

Unlike many commercial companies who work on a cost, only basis CSC DO NOT use subcontractors or unqualified casual staff on any project. This may result in a higher initial quotation but we encourage our prospective clients to take up references from all prospective companies due to the delicate and sensitive nature of the working environment.

CSC offer warranty periods of 10 years on internally-applied Film products.

We have many installations within the UK and can supply references were permitted not only for our work quality but also for the respect and confidentiality shown to our clients. Our Testimonials.