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Privacy, Safety & Security Films

Solar Heat and Glare Protection Window Films

Solar energy enters buildings through ordinary glass windows as radiated heat, light, and glare. Llumar window films are able to reject a substantial percentage of solar heat and glare, whilst allowing light to pass through, thereby helping provide thermal comfort as required by Health and Safety Legislation, and glare reduction as required by Display Screen Equipment Legislation. These laws arise from European Directive 89/654/EEC. The Llumar range of window films offers you a choice of solar protection factors, combined with a wide spectrum of secondary characteristics such as fade protection , insulation performance , privacy performance , dual reflectivity and safety protection . Our range of safety products are tested to European Standards, i.e. BS 6206 and UNI 7172. Llumar solar heat and glare protection films generally have a minimum glare reduction of about 50%. 

CSC Window Films - Privacy Film

Privacy and Decorative Films

Privacy films afford very good visual protection against prying eyes. They are frequently used internally on glass partitions and doors. The most popular products are the frosted glass effects.

Decorative films are designed for internal partitions and provide partial privacy and decorative design, as well as external glazing.

Safety and Security Films

Llumar safety films provide protection against injuries resulting from shattered glass and give extra security against forced entry. Llumar safety and security films are designed and tested to international standards to hold shattered glass together.

For example, BS 6206, the British Standard for safety glazing, and UNI 7172, the equivalent Italian Standard, have different levels of performance to specify the break-safe performance of the glass, and Llumar films are available to meet each of these levels.

If window glass is coated with one of the Llumar range of safety and security films and subjected to accidental impact, violent attack or explosion, the glass might crack or even shatter but would be contained by the film at a fraction of the cost of replacement specialist glazing.

NB. Some safety films are better suited to particular glazing situations than others. Please consult with us before finalizing the specification